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Welcome to Irving Boot Camp for Women

Women’s Boot Camps Are EXPLODING Across America For One Big Reason: Women Get Fantastic, Body Changing Results Faster Than Any Other Method… And Have FUN Doing It!

Dear Irving Friend, this is no flash-in-the-pan fad.

Do you know why Women-only Boot Camps are exploding across the nation? Because they give an excellent workout solution to fitness-loving ladies by building their strength and endurance. Women are getting outstandingly toned bodies through the fun and energy-filled boot camps that offer them better results than other conventional workout programs.

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Be a part of the fitness craze that is more intense than any other program, and much more fun than the gym you reluctantly go to. New Wave Fitness is offering an amazing opportunity to all the women of Irving to become a part of “Four Weeks to Freedom” Boot Camp. And you can even try us out completely free!

New Wave Fitness has transformed the lives of dozens of fitness-loving women in Irving, by toning and strengthening their bodies. You can have complete confidence that you will be guided by specialists who will help you achieve your fitness goals. But HURRY UP, as we have limited space and boot camp will fill up fast. You do not want to miss this tremendous opportunity.